Petition to stop excessive traffic on Bath St and Peerless St Drivers are jumping queues along Old Street by cutting through Bath Street and Peerless Street, making the narrow streets dangerous and polluted particularly for the primary school children and patients of the children’s eye hospital. The council and TFL have been aware of this since works started on the former roundabout more than twoContinue reading “Petition to stop excessive traffic on Bath St and Peerless St”

People-friendly streets created near Clerkenwell Green

The first set of people-friendly streets have been created in our neighbourhood. Traffic filters have been installed at Sans Walk, Corporation Row and Aylesbury Street. These measures prevent motor vehicles from driving across the area, but still allow access for buses, emergency vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Residents with cars are of course also still ableContinue reading “People-friendly streets created near Clerkenwell Green”

Live Q&A with Council on 26th August

Islington Council will hold a life Q&A via Zoom to discuss the introduction of low-traffic neighbourhoods from 4-5pm on 26th August. Richard Watts, the leader of the Council, and Rowena Champion, the executive member for environment and transport, will be answering questions from residents about the ongoing roll-out of people-friendly streets in the borough. TheContinue reading “Live Q&A with Council on 26th August”

Have your say

Islington Council are asking residents for their ideas on how to make our streets better for everyone. Hundreds of suggestions have already been submitted, and will influence the council’s traffic strategy for our borough. Do you have an idea on how to improve a dangerous intersection, confusing cycle lane, unsafe pedestrian crossings, narrow pavements, idlingContinue reading “Have your say”

People-friendly streets rolled out in St Peters

In July 2020, Islington’s first low-traffic neighbourhood was implemented in our neighbouring ward of St Peters. Residents in St Peters overwhelmingly support the new measures, according to a survey organised by our sister group St Peter’s 2020. They received  200+ survey responses from residents on over 30 streets showing a staggering level of concern aboutContinue reading “People-friendly streets rolled out in St Peters”

What are people-friendly streets?

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, People Friendly Streets, mini-Hollands, Liveable Neighbourhoods, whatever their local branding, all mean the same thing – groups of residential streets, bordered by main roads (the places designed for buses, lorries, non-local traffic), where through motor vehicle traffic is discouraged or removed. Here in Islington, they are called People Friendly Streets: The CouncilContinue reading “What are people-friendly streets?”