About us

We are a growing group of people from the Bunhill & Clerkenwell wards in Islington concerned that our area has some of the worst air pollution and traffic in London. This has a significant impact on the health of residents, in particular children and elderly people. During the lockdown we have experienced how clean and quiet our streets are with less traffic cutting through the area. Now we want to make a Better Bunhill & Clerkenwell.

As we come out of lockdown, now is the opportunity to improve our part of London, avoid extra traffic and make it more friendly for walking and cycling. We believe this will have benefits for our health, our communities, our businesses and the climate.

Take our survey to let us know what you think, or contact us directly at betterbunhillclerkenwell@gmail.com

Why do we want people-friendly streets?

“We want our kids to grow up in Bunhill breathing clean air and walking and cycling on safe streets”

Resident, Central Street

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