People-friendly streets created near Clerkenwell Green

The first set of people-friendly streets have been created in our neighbourhood. Traffic filters have been installed at Sans Walk, Corporation Row and Aylesbury Street. These measures prevent motor vehicles from driving across the area, but still allow access for buses, emergency vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Residents with cars are of course also still able to drive to their homes.

One of our members took a few photos of the new filters when she was out for her morning run. We also spoke to some residents about the new people friendly streets. While we encountered a lot of support, some people were worried about the risk of increased traffic on main roads – which could cause more pollution and slow down buses.

The great news is that evidence shows that creating a few people-friendly streets leads to an overall reduction in traffic levels across the whole residential area – even on the main roads. A good example is Walthamstow Village, where traffic filters were implemented in 2015.

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