People-friendly streets rolled out in St Peters

In July 2020, Islington’s first low-traffic neighbourhood was implemented in our neighbouring ward of St Peters.

Residents in St Peters overwhelmingly support the new measures, according to a survey organised by our sister group St Peter’s 2020.

They received  200+ survey responses from residents on over 30 streets showing a staggering level of concern about traffic in the ward.  Only 9 people felt that the council should NOT be looking at traffic reduction measures.

Despite almost a decade of 20mph speed limits and the almost universal presence of speed bumps, speeding headed up the list of concerns from residents.  Over 81% of residents reported seeing speeding or distracted driving on a regular basis – it’s therefore not surprising that over 90% parents say that the volume and speed of traffic makes them less likely to encourage their child to walk or use a bike in the ward.

The fact that the ‘volume of traffic’ was cited by 80% of respondents as a worry suggests that simply moving to electric cars will not make the situation better.

Over 90% of respondents supported measures to reduce through-traffic, according to the survey.

For more information on the St Peters survey, click here.

To take part in our own survey for Bunhill & Clerkenwell, click here.

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